All You Need To Know About Physics

Physics is the component of science that deals with the properties of particles throughout space and time. It is one of the most important subjects, and it studies the behavior of the observable universe. Students who study physics in school often seek experts who could provide homework help via online platforms.

History of Physics

Physics is perhaps one of the oldest subjects taught to students in schools and universities. The study of physics could have classified into different eras:

  • Ancient civilizations used to teach about the topics of astronomy along with concepts of physics. The study of astronomy used to comprise studies about various stars, Moon, Earth, and the observable universe. These studies later became the foundations of astronomy which was taught as a subject in itself in later eras. According to various historical texts, many ancient astronomers of different civilizations are credited for the vocabularies of many astronomical objects.

  • In the Medieval era, the study of astronomical objects continued, and many different breakthroughs were made. During this scientific renaissance, discoveries such as the concept of the solar system were made, and devices such as telescopes were invented, which helped in broadening the scope of the observable universe.

  • Post-medieval era, the subject of Physics was taught, which was independent of the field of astronomy. Using many scientific methods, discoveries and theories were established, which we call the classical laws of physics. Concepts such as gravity, refraction of light, and laws of motion promoted scientific inventions. During the industrial revolution, as the requirement for technological innovations to make operations more effective increased, scientific inventions such as the steam engine, electromagnets, etc.

  • During the early 20th century, the branches of modern physics such as quantum mechanics and nuclear energy were studied comprehensively. Modern physics deals with the properties of particles when they are exposed to extreme conditions. Observations were made to challenge the laws of physics, which were considered inviolable. Currently, many theories of modern physics are in experimental stages to achieve major scientific breakthroughs.

Current Developments in Physics

The development of physics has been possible due to extensive research; here are some of the ongoing topics in the experimental or research stages.

  • Generation of electricity by nuclear fusion

  • Mass scale production of superconductors

  • Interplanetary space exploration

  • Use of time dilation to observe time as a dimension

  • Development of quantum computers

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