Get a Clear Understanding of Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy is the most powerful source of energy. It is obtained from the energy from the nucleus or the atom's core. According to scientific theories, The nuclear reaction is a procedure where the atomic mass is converted into the form of energy it is called nuclear energy. As nuclear energy is relatively new and there is a lot of content to be researched and analyzed, there are numerous research papers and discourses taught to students. Students who struggle to write these lengthy assignments look for experts who can write my paper.

How Nuclear Energy Is Converted To Electricity

It is important to understand how the nuclear energy is converted into electrical energy, the standard procedure which nuclear reactors follow are:

  • Firstly nuclear reaction is performed in a safe and secure environment

  • The energy released is drawn to the distilled water, which gets converted to steam

  • This steam is drawn into the electric turbines; the movement of these turbines due to steam leads to electricity generation.

It is important to ensure that these procedures are done with the proper supervision of experts, and the equipment used for reaction should be of optimum quality.

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Types of Nuclear Energy

  1. Nuclear Fission: It is the procedure in which a heavy radioactive element is split into two or more elements. It is obtained by splitting heavy elements such as thorium or plutonium into smaller elements. It is the most used nuclear energy obtained in power plants and nuclear reactors. The major drawback of this procedure is that the radioactive nuclear waste has a very high half-life, and hence it is difficult to decompose these radioactive products safely.

  2. Nuclear Fusion: The procedure in which the two lighter elements fuse to form heavy elements. The energy of the Sun in our solar system is obtained when two isotopes of hydrogen, namely Deuterium and Tritium, fuse to form a helium atom. It was believed to be practically impossible to conduct a nuclear fusion reaction. Still, thanks to devices such as Tokamak, nuclear fusion has been conducted in recent years, although the scale of the energy produced is quite low and not practically usable. But with improvements in technology, it is considered the future of nuclear energy.

Some of the major reasons why nuclear fusion is considered the future of nuclear energy are:

  • Less nuclear waste

  • Higher energy generation potential

  • Lower emissions compared to nuclear fission.

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Advantages of Nuclear Energy

Here are some of the salient features and advantages of using nuclear energy as a source of energy

  • They provide fewer emissions compared to the burning of non-renewable sources such as fossil fuels.

  • It is cost-effective

  • By replacing traditional thermal plants, it reduces the carbon footprint.

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